The Value of Saving Umbilical Cord Blood.

Hot off the presses!  We are so happy to have the press talking about cord blood.  It is articles like these which help us so much in our efforts to reach parents and health providers.  Please share this with others and encourage them to save their child’s cord blood at birth. It may take some planning but it is worth it!

“The stem cells found in the umbilical cord, placenta and cord tissue are uncontroversial and can be used to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases such as sickle cell anemia and many blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma.” – See more at: http://www.expectingparentsnews.com/cord-blood/the-value-of-saving-umbilical-cord-blood#.Uyytm_l_t8F


She has her goal in sight now. . . the Cambridge Half Marathon 2014 is coming this weekend!

We have a star runner who will be leading the pack!  Our friend and proud supporter, Dr. Beverley Vaughan, will be blazing a trail this Sunday in the UK. Join her online @bvaughan88 and show your support!

Photo: Cambridge Half Marathon training update – two weeks to go!<br />Beverley Vaughan<br />As the big day approaches, currently t minus 12 and counting, here is an update on my progress to the epic 13.1mile run.<br />Over the last week it has begun to feel like spring is in the air, the snowdrops carpet the woodland floors and there is a glimmer of warmth coming from the sun’s rays.  This has made an unbelievably large difference to my motivation for training and long runs no longer seem so daunting.<br />I was never made to be a natural long distance runner, looking at me you are not reminded of Paula Radcliffe, Zola Budd or any other finely tuned athlete.  My training has been skillfully looked after by my personal trainer, Hannah, without whom I would be lost.  So this week’s long run, just shy of 12miles, was the result of a carefully designed schedule.  Each weekly plan consists of one long run (distance increasing by 1-1.5miles each time), two shorter speedier runs, strength training and swimming as an active recovery. I won’t lie, I am feeling a little weary but I am also really excited not to mention chuffed that I can and will do this.  My legs will carry me 13.1miles, now it won’t be a record breaker but I intend to run every last step.<br />As the race day rapidly approaches I will be focusing on strength, speed and finally resting for the big day.  On the day I will be wearing my Save the Cord Foundation T-Shirt, so if you are there do look out for me! (picture to follow)<br />For now I leave you with a picture of the delightful but soggy running conditions here in the UK.</p><p>RUN BEVERLEY RUN!!!!! EVERY CORD SAVED CAN SAVE A LIFE!


Thank you for running on behalf of Save the Cord Foundation!  

Pregnancy Magazine has the facts on banking your newborn’s cord blood.  We are so proud to have them as a partner in cord blood education and awareness!

Their approach is honest and fact filled. We appreciate that!

We are also extremely excited to share this article link to “Banking on Your Baby’s Health” .   It is an inspiring and detailed article with wonderful insights from Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, a physician at Duke Hospital and leading pioneer in the development of stem cell therapies including umbilical cord transplants and transfusions.   In the article, several case studies are presented and Dr. Kurtzberg along with our founder, Charis Ober, discuss what expectant parents need to know about the life-saving benefits of cord blood, the latest in stem cell therapies, private banking and public donation.  It is a MUST READ! Please read and share it!

Read the article here:  http://digital.pregnancymagazine.com/publication/?i=111408&p=24

Whether you are thinking about public donation or private banking, you will get answers to your questions thanks to Pregnancy Magazine thanks to this article and their on-going support for our programs.

COMING SOON:  For those of you considering private or hybrid banking (which is a mix of private and public), Pregnancy Magazine will be publishing a “Buyers Guide” which will be available in 21,000 OB/GYN offices April 15th and newsstands 5/6 for thousands of expectant parents nationwide. Look for it! Share it!

FYI. . .Pregnancy Magazine is also available as an app! Download it HERE.

Remember, every cord saved can save or change a life!

We were so excited to learn of this promising study being led by the Atlanta Based Nonprofit Let’s Cure CP (CureCP.org).

According to the group, “the double-blinded, placebo-controlled study’s purpose includes comparing the safety and effectiveness of banked cord blood to bone marrow stem cells” (source:  Let’s Cure CP).

They are looking for participants! Are you interested?  Read more here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/CerebralPalsyResearch/CureCP/prweb11413693.htm

We have exciting news at Save the Cord Foundation!  We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Beverley Vaughan as a new member of our Scientific Board.

Me Sept 12

Dr. Vaughan is a clinical scientist by training and comes to us with a wealth of experience in the world of umbilical cord blood and regenerative medicine.  She is based out of Cambridge in the UK and is passionate about our cause.  Likewise, we are excited to have her on the team and to prove this we have decided to partner with her at the upcoming Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon in March of this year!

Dr. Vaughan is already blazing a trail in the medical world, now she will do the same in the historic university city of Cambridge — a university where students study everything from history to stem cell biology.  As she prepares for the race she will be updating us on her progress via Facebook.  The temperatures are cold and the days are a bit rainy but she is determined and we are too!

Help show your support for Dr. Vaughan and Save the Cord Foundation by sending a donation today.  Your money will be used to spread the word to expecting parents and medical staff about the multiple uses of cord blood and advances in regenerative medicine based on using these non-controversial stem cells from umbilical cord blood.  Our goal as always is to educate the public about the importance of cord blood and their choices for preserving whether it be via a public or private bank.

Show your support! Send a donation today.

We are so proud of the work being done by our friends at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland!  Please follow the link below to learn how they are filling a particular need: cord blood from ethnic minorities, who are underrepresented, and therefore less likely to find a match, in the National Marrow Donor Program.

– See more at: http://www.catholicreview.org/article/home/cord-blood-donation-is-free-and-easy-but-still-a-challenge-for-mercy-st-agnes#sthash.r9kd8EZw.dpuf

Thank you to the team at Mercy Medical Center for making cord blood donation such an easy choice for young mothers!

We are so excited to share our latest project with you!  Recently, we were invited by “Pregnancy Magazine” ( www.pregnancymagazine.com) to lead a Google Hangout focused 100% on answering the question:  SHOULD I SAVE MY CHILD’S CORD BLOOD?   Of course, our short answer is YES!!!  But, wouldn’t you like to know why?  And how to do it?  Or even who you might help by saving your child’s cord blood?

To answer these and other questions we have received, we invited a panel of experts and parents to discuss, debate and decide.  Our discussion was informative and passionate (on both sides). Watch the video here to find out how our panel of experts and parents answered these questions:


Thank you everyone at “Pregnancy Magazine” for making this event possible!!!



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